The Koshas: From Gross to Causal


Knowing ourselves at every level is the goal of yoga practice. Originally described in the Taittiriya Upanishad, the panchamaya kosha model describes the five (pancha) sheaths or coverings (koshas) that obscure our core being—pure consciousness. For a student of yoga, the kosha model becomes a powerful road map for moving inward and allows us to understand ourselves in a deeper, more complex way.

In this six-part series, Sandra Anderson describes each of the five koshas, and explains how each layer of our being is deeply interconnected and interpenetrating. Tune in to discover how yogic tools allow us to work with the koshas, helping us to expand our awareness of our mental and physical layers and improve our overall health and well-being.

6-Part Series

Annamaya Kosha: Food Body

In Introduction to the Panchamaya Kosha Model, we learned that the core of our being is encompassed by five sheaths called koshas. In this talk, Sandra Anderson describes the annamaya kosha, the physical or “food”...

Pranamaya Kosha: Energy Body

We are multidimensional beings, with consciousness at our core. Our pranamaya kosha (energy sheath) is the energetic force (prana) that rests between our body and mind, animating, supporting, and nurturing us and giving us life....

Manomaya Kosha: Mental Body

From the yogic perspective, we are multidimensional beings encompassed in five koshas (sheaths). In this talk, Sandra Anderson introduces us to the manomaya kosha, or mental body—the dimension of our being that corresponds to manas...

Vijnanamaya Kosha: Wisdom Body

The vijnanamaya kosha, or wisdom body, corresponds to the executive functioning of the mind—our discrimination, intuition, and intelligence. Learn why working with this aspect of the mind is essential to any yoga practice, and discover...

Anandamaya Kosha: Bliss Body

Joy, happiness, delight, bliss—according to the yogic kosha model, all of these desirable feelings emanate from our innermost sheath, the anandamaya kosha (bliss body). In this talk, Sandra Anderson describes the anandamaya kosha and shares...