How spiritual energy is transmitted is one of the greatest mysteries of yoga and tantra. Shaktipata—the transmission of spiritual energy and grace from master to student—has fascinated seekers throughout the ages. But what exactly is shaktipata? Whose shakti is it, and how and why does it descend to us? And how can we tell when the experience of shaktipata is real?

In part 1 of this two-part Wisdom Classic, available exclusively on Himalayan Institute’s Wisdom Library, Pandit Tigunait explains the mysteries of shaktipata in terms of a living reality of divine grace and protection that is transmitted from teacher to student and continues to unfold, bringing transformation and self-knowledge (and ultimately, enlightenment) to the recipient.

Watch Shaktipata: Transmitting Spiritual Energy (Part 1), and learn how a single spark of shakti can ignite the force of transformation and illuminate our lives, driving away all darkness.

Source: Tradition & Techniques of the Himalayan Masters (Honesdale, 1991)

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