The path of the Upanishads (the commentaries on the great Vedas) is the path of perfection. The central message of the Upanishads is atma-jnana—“know yourself at every level.” When we turn the mind inward, we will discover a fountain of infinite knowledge that will set us free.

This lecture was inspired by and recorded during the auspicious occasion of the 2001 Maha Kumbha Mela, on the bank of the Ganga at Himalayan Institute Allahabad. As Pandit Tigunait explains, this world is a great teacher, and the Upanishads are a practical guidebook to the world. These scriptures tell us how to be healthy and happy; how to use the objects of the world and our achievements wisely; and, ultimately, how to create a bridge between our outer and inner worlds so we can find true fulfillment on every level.

Listen to “The Spirit of the Upanishads,” and discover the mysteries of atma shakti—the force that helps us unfold our true inner potential and blossom as a human being, so we can experience life in all its richness.

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