Enlightenment is already within us—we just have to be aware of it.

—Swami Rama

What is the goal of life, and how do we achieve it? According to the sages, the goal of life is to be free of all pains and miseries and to be in a state of happiness regardless of our external circumstances. Superconscious meditation is the path that leads us there.

In this lecture video from 1990, Swami Rama gives us fascinating insights into the path that allows us to go beyond our ordinary conscious mind in order to understand ourselves on the most profound levels. As Swamiji explains, superconscious meditation is a systematic set of practices that helps us purify our mind, transform our habit patterns, and expand our awareness so that we merge with higher consciousness.

Watch and learn practical techniques of working with breath and mind that turn ordinary meditation into superconscious meditation!

Source: How to Tread the Path of Superconscious Meditation (Honesdale, 1990)

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