The goal of yoga is to gain access to sushumna nadi in order to enjoy our inner infinite wealth.

Pandit Rajmani, PhD

What is the secret to deepening our meditation and having control over our mind and subtle energy? According to the ancient yogis, gaining access to sushumna nadi—the central channel of our energetic capacity—helps take our meditation to the next level and allows us to remain in a state of equanimity in our daily life no matter what the external circumstances are.

In this previously unreleased archival lecture from 1993, Pandit Tigunait shares the practical as well as esoteric wisdom of sushumna. When we gain access to sushumna nadi and can change the flow of our prana at will, then we will be able to have a joyful, tranquil mind (sukha-mana) in every situation. 

Source: The Science of Pranayama lectures (Honesdale, 1993)

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