A teacher helps you know yourself on every level.

—Swami Rama

The teacher-student relationship is the highest among all relationships—it is unique and divine. A spiritual teacher’s purpose is to guide students on the path of inner light. In this previously unreleased lecture video from 1991, Swami Rama relays insights from his own experience with his master, sharing how to distinguish a genuine spiritual teacher from those who are less effective, and cautioning against common pitfalls seekers make (blind faith; lack of trust; putting the teacher on a pedestal; ego). For those of us who are students, he tells us how we can best prepare ourselves to tread the spiritual path. And for those of us who aspire to be teachers, he shares how true spiritual teachers learn to give the best of themselves to their students, leading to a mutual blossoming of compassion and wisdom.

Source: The Responsibility of a Teacher (Honesdale, 1991)

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