We all want to discover what gives us energy—what inspires us. The ancient systems of yoga and tantra give us tools that help us tap into our latent energy and then invest it to find absolute joy. This is the inward journey.

In this never-before-released video lecture from 1987’s Path of Fire & Light seminar, Swami Rama shares timeless secrets of how we can begin to awaken this inner energy, or fire, in three stages: (1) understanding the flow of breath in our nostrils and learning to consciously direct it (sushumna application); (2) awakening kundalini and leading it to its highest dimension; and (3) attaining experiential knowledge of the absolute.

Watch this fascinating video, and learn how you can start the inward journey by understanding the subtleties of the breath, the mind, and the first three chakras.

Source: Path of Fire & Light lectures (Honesdale, 1987)

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