Just a few days ago toward evening I fell asleep, and my sleep lasted until about midnight. Then I came back to myself and remained awake for about one hour, but in a thoroughly transformed state. It was as if I were in ecstasy. I felt as though I were floating in space, as though I were safe in the womb of Mother Universe, in a tremendous void but filled with the highest feeling of happiness. It is far too wonderful; this cannot be described. Everything around me was enchanting, and the whole of the experience was glorious.

Since then, night after night, I have been in a state of purest bliss. I would never have imagined that any such experience was possible. Surely it was not a game played by my imagination. My vision was utterly real. There was nothing subjective about it; it had a quality of absolute objectivity. Others shy away from such reality. I can describe the experience only as the ecstasy of a nontemporal state in which present, past, and future are blended into one.

Everything that happens in time is brought together in a complete whole.

Said She, “Everything that happens in time is brought together in a complete whole. Nothing is destroyed over time, and nothing can be measured by temporal concepts. Time, space, and causality are conditionings of that mind which remains bound by selfish, mundane motivations, clinging to the glittering objects and forms of the world. That is a sense-created reality.

“There are many such realms that are created by the clouded mind, causing congestion for the intellect. It is said that one is real and another is not, but in reality everything is real, and the unreal is experienced when we compare the two realities without examining their very basis.

“There is only one truth, and therefore only one reality, though on various degrees and grades. Nothing is new, nothing is old, and everything is in the eternal. You and I are looking toward the horizon from different perspectives, and that is why the reality of vision seems to differ. When one tunes to the dimension of another’s reality, there exists only one whole. One alone exists, and all that exists is but the manifestation of the same One that existed before. There is nothing new. Apparent newness is an amusement of sense perception. But when you transport yourself into the delight of the Absolute, there you find all thoughts and feelings blending into one colorless color.

“Actually there is only one color, and all colors are but its variations. Confusion proceeds because of multiplicity. Between one and two lies a space that distinguishes the same self-existent One in a different way. Manyness is one of the conditionings of the human mind. Multiplicity proves the validity of oneness, just as shadow proves the validity of light. Inseparably one they are. In the sphere of inseparable unity there is no discontinuity.

“Intellectualizing is like creating a new reality by losing touch with the real. There is another way of experiencing the Reality that is not subject to change in the past, present, or future. When the individual self surrenders itself to the cosmic One, like a drop of water to the ocean, then individuality finds its way to perfection, as a stream to the boundless sea.

“Only a fortunate few have touched this Reality, for which there is no name. It is beyond all explanation—and is subject only to that incredible experience that has no tongue. When one learns to forget all that one remembers, then in which language will the mind think? The thinker has nothing to think upon. Therefore, there is no thought and no mind. Only the Self exists with its majestic glory, which is simply beautiful and indescribable. It is an experience that elevates one to the height of completion and fearlessness, for there is nothing that is able to create fear. The One exists alone in its entirety.”

Source: Love Whispers by Swami Rama
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Love Whispers

by Swami Rama

Great poets and mystics throughout history have written about their visions and personal experiences of the Divine. Love Whispers is a collection of such writings, including poems, prose, and dialogues that exude the aroma of spiritual beauty through their words. For many years, Sri Swami Rama kept diaries in which he reflected on life and nature and recorded his dialogues with the Divine Mother. He kept these reflections secret, not wanting these intimate experiences to be consumed by those who might not understand their exalted simplicity.

Love Whispers is the first time these intimate and profound messages have become available for the public. This collection of entries will offer you a rare glimpse into the true nature of mystical awareness and the heart of divine love, seen through the eyes of Swami Rama.

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