The Gayatri and Maha Mrityunjaya mantras are two of the greatest gifts to humanity. They can be learned and practiced without formal initiation, but are most effective when we know something about what they are and how they can help us. The 24-syllable Gayatri mantra (“the mother of the Vedas”), which was originally revealed to the sage Vishvamitra, embodies the energy of protection and purification. Like a compassionate mother, it guides and nurtures us as we learn to forgive others and ourselves. The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra (“the great death-conqueror”) is said to have flashed forth from the third eye of Shiva himself. This mantra helps us overcome the greatest fears—of loss and death—and leads us to discover the inner source of our health and vitality.

In this lecture video, Pandit Tigunait explains what these two mantras are, where they came from, and how practicing them infuses us with the essence of nurturance and healing. Once you have watched the video, head over to the Practice Resources section and download pdfs and audio tutorials of these two mantras so you can start practicing today!

Source: Tradition & Techniques of the Himalayan Masters (Honesdale, 2007)

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