Ambrosia Matthews

Amby Matthews is a psychic medium and mom of three, who has been seeing and communicating with spirits since the age of 5.

Although she spent many years living in fear of her intuitive gifts, Amby has recently learned to embrace them and now spends her days and nights giving readings to those looking for clarity about their life path, or acting as a medium for those wanting to connect with their loved ones in spirit.

Amby also acts as a channel to a loving and benevolent Arcturian being who refers to himself as John.

Amby utilizes these abilities and more while hosting her own project, Innerbloom Podcast, which she co-hosts with her best friend Alexa Houser.
It is Amby’s life mission to bring healing, peace, and clarity to those who are seeking to understand their purpose and live their best lives while here on earth.