Ari Halbert

My first memories of yoga are from childhood, practicing asana alongside my dad, and watching him sit for long periods every morning to meditate. These influences acted as a seed that was planted in me—one which began to blossom over a decade later when I gained an affinity for books on Western esotericism, and found myself learning yoga postures yet again, but this time under the tutelage of many great LA- and New York–based yoga teachers. I received my 200-hour certification at Atmananda Yoga in 2008, and shortly thereafter completed an advanced teacher training with Schuyler Grant at Kula Yoga, and studied with Nevine Michaan to become a Katonah Yoga certified instructor.

In my classes I strive to help students explore the inner realms through the forms and expressions of the physical body. I enjoy focusing on the intricacies of precise alignment and, at the same time, crave the immense sense of freedom which comes from letting that go to flow intuitively from movement to movement. It is my opinion that through the grace of the movements of the physical body, one can imbue the same sense of grace and peace within. In the words of the ancient adage: as above, so below; as without, so within.