Ashok Gupta

Ashok Gupta is the creator of The Gupta Program, a holistic health program designed to address chronic conditions. His journey began over 25 years ago while studying at university when he experienced the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). For Ashok, CFS was akin to enduring the worst day of the flu multiplied by ten. Driven by the desire to recover, he delved into neurological research and ultimately restored his health to 100%.

Motivated by his own experience, Ashok has dedicated his life to assisting individuals in overcoming various chronic conditions, including Long Covid, Lyme disease, and ME/CFS. Through The Gupta Program, he continues to support individuals on their path to recovery.

The Gupta Program, available at, offers a comprehensive approach to addressing chronic conditions, centered around Ashok’s revolutionary Brain Retraining technique. The program is supported by research indicating its effectiveness for a wide range of chronic conditions, offering hope and support to those seeking to regain their health and well-being.