Barb Klein

Barb Klein is the author of 111 Invitations: Step into the Full Richness of Life, a certified life coach, Reiki master, and retreat leader. Barb is an RTA-Certified Facilitator in Renee Trudeau’s work, offering the practice of self-care to women through Personal Renewal Groups and retreats. Founder of Inspired Possibility, she is passionate about supporting people to create lives in which they know, honor, and express their authentic selves.

Barb has been creating and facilitating transformational retreats and workshops since 2013. Her writing on the topics of self-care, mindfulness, well-being, and personal growth can be found on her blog. Barb has also been a devoted practitioner of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for decades and is currently working toward certifications as a mindfulness teacher and a meditation teacher.

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