Brian Fulp

Since joining the Himalayan Institute at the tender age of 14, Brian Fulp's life's work is integral to the Himalayan Institute. His journey began in earnest in 1997, at 32 years of age, when he embraced the serenity and purpose of the Institute's 400-acre campus nestled in Honesdale. Initially tasked with crafting the Institute's digital presence through its first website, Brian's role evolved substantially over the years.

For over a decade, he steered the Web Department, laying the digital groundwork that would propel the Institute into the future. In 2008, a pivotal shift occurred as he transitioned to the role of Director of Local Operations, a position crafted to harness his unique blend of skills and dedication. By 2014, Brian found his calling as the Director of the Retreat Center, where he oversees the expansive campus, ensuring that it remains a bastion of growth and inspiration.

The Himalayan Institute’s mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals aspiring to realize their full potential. At the heart of this endeavor, the Retreat Center stands as a testament to the collective dedication of Brian and his team. Their commitment to fostering an environment that epitomizes this mission is palpable, with Brian often lauding his team's efforts in crafting a nurturing haven for guests. Guided by the ethos of 'conscious simplicity,' Brian and his team strive tirelessly to provide an optimal experience for every visitor.

Brian's influence extends beyond the Institute's boundaries: deeply entwined with the local community, his past roles include presiding over the Honesdale Rotary and chairing both the Chamber of the Northern Poconos and the Honesdale Roots & Rhythm Music & Arts Festival. Presently, he lends his expertise as a consultant to the Honesdale High School’s Interact Club, nurturing the next generation of community leaders.

Brian's family are the unsung heroes of his story. The unwavering support, and love of his wife, and children fuel his passions, providing joy and fulfillment in Brian's personal life. This sentiment shines in his smile, demeanor and all endeavors that he undertakes.