Janet StraightArrow

“Janet StraightArrow Is Healing, Wisdom, and Grace.” Janet StraightArrow is a shaman, healer, and sage, born into a suburban New Jersey woman’s body. Her life has been a trial a minute, and you will always find her smiling as if she knows a precious secret, which she does. Inner wisdom, discernment, and knowledge have led her through the drama and traumas of her very full life. Dedicated to Be The Medicine for herself and to teach others has been a calling since a child. Janet discovered her shamanic calling in 1992 while working as a top realtor who had been studying healing and spirituality for twenty-five years. Her gifts and abilities opened very quickly after that soul awakening. She followed her inner guidance and pursued extensive research and training with shamans and masters in many worldwide spiritual healing traditions and began to heal and teach immediately. Each tradition had so much to offer, and together they answered her questions about healing and living mastery today. Continual practice and refinement created a healing-teaching work, Be The Medicine, unique, powerful, and straightforward. Her big energy of love, joy, and light offers you compassion, profound healing, with down-to-earth wisdom. Sessions and classes illuminate and heal you in ways that surprise you as they unfold naturally. A shaman is known as one who heals themselves. This is one of the most powerful teachings we accomplish in Soul Shamanism and Be The Medicine. We can all heal ourselves and so much more. Join the journey.