Jeffery Warren

Jeffrey Warren is a healing arts practitioner trained in several energy-based modalities. Jeffrey has an extensive knowledge of energy healing systems and techniques that support greater health, mental clarity, emotional well-being, personal discovery, and spiritual development. His understanding of various energetic, esoteric, and metaphysical subjects combined with years of meditation and experiential work with enhanced states of consciousness make him an excellent guide to help illuminate the path for others. His private sessions are deeply healing and transformational, and provide clients with tools and techniques to further facilitate and integrate their experience.

Jeffrey is a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy ® and Magnified Healing ®.

He is a certified practitioner of Access Bars ® , The Melchizedek Method ®, Pranic Healing ®, Pranic Crystal Healing, and the ThetaHealing ® technique. He has been trained in the Arcturian Healing Method by Dr. Gene Ang, and has studied cross-cultural core shamanism with multiple shamanic teachers. He continues to attend trainings to expand his skills, certifications, and class offerings.

Jeffrey offers energy therapy training and is empowered and certified as master teacher to certify his students in Integrated Energy Therapy ® and Magnified Healing.

Jeffrey is a dedicated transcendental meditator, electronic music composer and is disciplined in his personal practices.