Jenny Mirmelstein

Jenny is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher who’s been leading classes for the past ten years. Her classes offer a safe space for students to explore what their own yoga practice means to them without judgment or expectation. She uniquely weaves yoga philosophy, physical movement, breath, music, and mindfulness together to form a challenging and moving experience accessible to all.

Jenny’s personal yoga practice began eighteen years ago, as a young mom looking for a way to recapture herself and be more mentally and physically fit. As she explored various classes and styles, she learned that yoga is a lifestyle and that physical poses are just one part of what makes the practice so special. Through that discovery, Jenny sought to become a teacher. She received her first 200-hour certification in 2013, her second in 2014, and her 500-hour in 2020. She was a lead teacher trainer at Life Power Yoga and loves sharing the gifts of the practice through trainings, retreats, book clubs, and more. Jenny is also a Lululemon legacy ambassador, a mom of three boys, and works as a Communications Director for a local school district. In her free time, Jenny loves to see live music, hike up a mountain, or be on a beach. Follow her on Instagram at @jennymirms_yogi.