Jung Kim

I found yoga accidentally, as is the case with many of the most significant experiences in our lives. First drawn to the physical rigor of the practice, I realized over time just how much our bodies are visceral, cerebral, intellectual, and interconnected vessels. As the level of my physical asana practice increased, as did my curiosity for the inevitable internal processing that the yoga practice offers. It’s helped me connect to my own self as well as other humans on this earth, shedding the layers with sweat, breath, and connection.

I started with a 200 hour Power Yoga Certification, quickly moving on to expand to additional trainings in Bhakti/Vinyasa, 300 hour Fit Flow Fly immersive training with Bryce Yoga and Beyond Asana (vinyasa & acro-yoga), Handstand-specific and meditation-based transformation trainings. The common theme with what I’ve been seeking has always been an expansion of my knowledge base, physical execution, internal evolution, and doing so all in an emotionally safe space.

My background as a Customer Success Manager in my career within the SaaS industry has created a plethora of connections with other yogis who have a foot in each world. Merging the two worlds together in an aligned way of living is a softer and delicate intention for my life decisions. I strive for wellness in all forms and err on the side of full enjoyment of our time on this earth.

I particularly enjoy creating a space for your practice that invites and acknowledges the shadows and light of our daily lives, focusing on bodily alignment as well as internal ease. Come and play, take up the space you deserve on your mat, and allow the lightheartedness to seep in to your poses.