Kate O’Shea

Kate has a deep appreciation of the body in movement and function stemming from over 40 years practice as a Physical Therapist and 25 years practicing Rosen Method Movement and Bodywork.

Kate was a leader of a Physical Rehabilitation team for 22 years. In this experience she worked with clients of all ages in a multidisciplinary team setting to help improve their function, quality and joy of life.

Kate teaches internationally and is on the teaching Faculty of the Berkeley Center, The Open Center, Monterey School and Russian School.

Kate has a love of singing. She finds singing intuitively inspires her Rosen work and has led a community Threshold Choir for 15 years, singing at bedside for those in need.

Kate has a passion for connection and community and she finds that connection with Movement, Touch, Music and a curiosity about our body. Kate has an active bodywork practice and teaches weekly Rosen Movement classes.