Letecia Garcia

Letecia Garcia, MA, NBCC, CISTT, RYT (she/her), is a multifaceted healing companion, inspired by the many sacred relational arts and practices that have led to transformation and healing in her own life. Letecia is the owner of Precipice Healing and Insight LLC, a diverse healing practice that offers professional trauma-informed therapy in tandem with expansive somatic practices, spiritual exploration, and astrological readings. She is a certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist, a credential that bridges her many other certifications in Yoga, Pranayama, Somatic Experiencing, and Internal Family Systems.

The development of Letecia’s healing credentials began with the completion of her undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology, biology, and counseling. While completing her graduate studies, Letecia served as a crisis counselor for women overcoming abuse and domestic violence, serving as a steward of support as they healed and rediscovered a life without suffering. During that time, Letecia became reacquainted with the deep need for empowering practices that were not dependent on access to time, space, and funds — tapping into her own story of survival and empowerment with little access to informed care. This experience reconnected her to an internal wisdom that had been a throughline in her life — from early childhood into her adulthood — it became clear that the capacity for deep healing always lives within each of us and is accessible in different ways depending on the season of our life. Inspired by this remembering, Letecia completed her master’s thesis on the immense healing potential inherent in the integration of diverse transpersonal experiences and practices with trauma-informed therapeutic modalities.

In 2017, Letecia began her work as a pre-licensed professional counselor, companioning people of all ages and life experiences, marking the beginning of the slow, gentle carving of her therapeutic identity. Running parallel to the beginning of her journey as a professional healing companion came her early exploration of yoga and breathwork as a tool to deepen herself and her soul’s healing capabilities. After a jarring life experience that nearly resulted in the loss of her partner, Letecia found herself surrendering to the grief of her experience and the accompanying pain that resurfaced from years past. “There must be another way” became her mantra, inspiring exploration of her capacity for curiosity in place of narratives of hopelessness, fear, and rigidity. In the following years, Letecia leaned increasingly into her mind and body’s creativity and expression, directly through movement and creative arts and spontaneously through breathwork and meditation. After experiencing profound transformation in her own life, Letecia went on to pursue certification in each of the modalities that support her, opening the door to companion others as she had been lovingly companioned by her teachers and holistic therapists.

Letecia was intuitively led to open her own private practice as a healing companion of many modalities in 2020 and continues to weave somatic and spiritual practices into a counseling experience that is integrative, empowering, and everlasting. Letecia has therapeutically companioned countless clients deeper into themselves, exploring the endless ways yoga, breathwork, dreamwork, astrology, somatic experiencing, and meditation are integral tools in liberating the mind, body, and soul.