Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark brings 42 years of study, personal practice, teaching, and living yoga to her classes and workshops. She has spent a lifetime merging enigmatic yogas with current, up-to-date somatic experience, and how the body-mind expresses itself. Lisa is a registered International Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, a certified Teacher / Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering®, an Infant Development Movement Educator, and Yoga Teacher.

Lisa is Educational Director of The School For Body-Mind Centering® Yoga Immersion Series, and has been actively engaged in the training, teaching, and development of this work for 40 years. Lisa’s in-person workshops and advanced training programs have been taught internationally in the United States, China, Taiwan, Europe, and South America. Her online platform www.lisaclarkyoga offers live and recorded classes, in-depth workshops, and professional trainings.

Yoga has been Lisa’s guiding light for over 40 years; she is a lifetime student of Vedic and Yogic philosophy, art, and culture. Her approach offers a rich lifetime’s perspective and a broad understanding of the field of yoga, somatics, and embodiment, as an expression and pathway for the cultivation and ongoing evolution of body, mind, and spirit.