Lori LeDonne

L is a musician, therapeutic music facilitator, certified mindfulness teacher, and Barre instructor.

L has been a musician since a young age and at 15 received early admission to Berklee College of Music. By 19, she was signed with CBS Records, giving her the opportunity to work with famous artists such as Prince and Carlos Santana.

L combines her passion and knowledge of music and songwriting with her deep longing of creating good physical and mental health. She has been firmly rooted on her own healing path and in 2022 completed a year-long intensive at the Copper Beech Institute to become a Certified Mindfulness facilitator. Mindfulness is a life-coping skill to help individuals stay grounded and positive, and live with purpose.

L is dedicated to sharing the importance of all of these different processes and has dedicated her life to continually increasing her knowledge, so she is able to offer what has worked for her to others. L uses her talents to collaborate musically with those who are struggling with chronic stress or emotional issues or have experienced deep trauma. She helps them find a sense of safety, empowerment, and peace by teaching them to express themselves through music.