Michelle Grassa Kozak

Michelle is an educator and counselor serving the public school system for over 25 years.  She began studying yoga in 2000, earned her 200 hour certification in 2002 and continued her study of Raja Yoga at the Himalayan Institute completing her 500 hour certification.  She then returned to academia to complete her Maryland Professional License.  It was important to her to earn yoga credentials along with State Licensure to address the whole person.  This combined credentialing allows Michelle to meet the person where he/she is in respect to physical well-being, one’s emotional health, and mental clarity and stability.

Each person may notice stress in the body through tight shoulders or neck, headaches, clenched jaws, upset stomach, or any other number of physical symptoms.  Michelle believes the emotion attached to that stress also manifests, or gets “stuck” in the body.   Research shows that yoga and mindfulness can create measurable, positive changes in brain functioning along with physical and mental health.  Michelle uses a combination of traditional talk therapy, yoga, breath work, and self-reflection to assist retreat members with accessing those “stuck” or unexplored areas.

The “Don’t Forget to Breathe” retreat is designed for those experiencing vicarious trauma in their careers or those who are feeling depleted (burn-out) due to caregiving responsibilities.  Using the power of a group, Michelle provides both guidance and a safe place to self-explore and rebuild depleted energies.  The goal of the retreat is to offer care, respite and renewal to anyone in a career of service to others, including caregivers of elderly or dependent children, teachers, mental health and medical practitioners, EMS, firefighters, and police.