Mohanji has created a number of platforms to allow those who choose to associate with him to add value to society through consistent acts of kindness and compassion. He leads by example and is constantly busy in helping and serving others, making himself available to champion causes that develop and improve society. He has founded various charities and organizations such as Ammucare, ACT Foundation, Mohanji Foundation, Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, World Consciousness Alliance, and Early Birds Club, to name a few.

Today, there are around 15 countries where some or all of these institutions are formally registered, while followers are present in over 80 countries. They collectively work to further his mission of helping people reach their highest potential and thereby making this place a better world. As an expression of gratitude to the world, Mohanji has made his practices and techniques available for free to the worldwide community.

In line with his path of ahimsa (non-violence), Mohanji firmly believes that practical initiatives are required to provide cruelty-free alternatives to help people make conscious choices to avoid causing pain and suffering to nature and its beings. Towards that end, he has inspired Ahimsa Vegan (a vegan chain of restaurants), Vegan First (India’s first portal for vegans, that hosted the international Vegan Conference in New Delhi in 2019) and Ahimsa Wear (a label for vegan and cruelty-free apparel) amongst other initiatives to create a cruelty-free world. In recognition of his selfless service to the world, he has been widely feted and awarded by various organizations from around the world.

Amidst all the adulation, Mohanji always considers himself a mere projection of the powerful tradition of liberation, sent to reiterate the same essential truths that Masters have been propounding since ages. He makes the esoteric and arcane wisdom of the ancients available to a contemporary audience without diluting their import or depth. His teachings are simple, practical, and universal, cutting across religions and nationalities.

He speaks from the heart and is an original. He envisions a bright world that vibrates with positivity and compassion. To this end, he marches on boldly launching and building new platforms tirelessly.

He often says “The Brave make their mark. Cowards die anonymous.”