Nicole Elwood

Nicole is a yogi, physicist, and business owner turned spiritual coach after an intriguing lifetime journey of spiritual awakening. She was always a seeker of truth, hence the physics, but sensed there was far more magic out there in the universe to explore, and her gut was screaming to find it.

Born to learn and share, she now guides awakened souls tapping into their own intuition and trusting themselves to incorporate that gut feeling into every decision they make.

Her beloved Teacher gave her the name Dhāraṇī, meaning Mother Earth.

Nicole holds several advanced Yoga & Meditation and “woowoo” certifications. Reiki Master. Angel Reader. An educator at heart, she taught math, physics, meditation and yoga for many years, co-founding a project-based school for children. MS, MST, BS in physics. She is currently a spiritual coach to both individuals and groups, bringing the logical thinking mind along as the consciousness expands using ancient texts, storytelling, humor, and practical strategies that work in an individual’s life. She blends spiritual coaching and channeling gifts into Yoga classes online for transformative experiences.