Patricia Jones

Patricia A. Jones, LCSW-R, ACSW has practiced psychotherapy for 30 years utilizing a strength-based, positive psychology perspective. She currently owns a psychotherapy private practice in the quaint village of East Aurora, in Western New York where she also provides shamanic healing services and Reiki sessions and training. Born an identical twin and sharing the middle birth order of four girls, Patricia grew up with the innate inclination to see all sides of a situation with compromise and empathy. She was raised in Western New York in a family with a love of the outdoors so in her free time she spent countless hours connecting with the earth by climbing trees, watching cloud formations, looking for four leaf clovers, making snow angels, and admiring the absolute beauty of the ever-changing seasons. Family vacations were spent camping in the forested areas of New York State where she hiked, learned the art of building campfires, observed the sacredness of wildlife, and experienced the vastness of the night sky. Over time, Patricia’s life experiences led her to recognize the synchronicities that life holds and the power of the universe in getting things just right. This provided her with the deep knowledge that we are all intricately connected to one another, all of nature, to the earth, the universe, and beyond. Trained by the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Patricia’s joy and love of life has increased exponentially as she remembers and practices the ancient wisdom ways of shamanism. She has developed her own unique gifts as a shamanic practitioner, and integrates shamanism into her daily life. She is passionate in sharing the gift of shamanism with others who are ready to remember so they may too experience its magic and life’s miracles.