Rachael Kroot

This is Rachael's first weekend-long grief retreat, but she is not new to grief and healing events. She started by organizing grief and healing yoga workshops where she currently lives and works as a broadcast meteorologist—in Milwaukee, WI. Rachael's interest in helping others heal through grief came after she lost both of her parents in 2016. Her mother passed away from cancer in February, and her father died suddenly when his heart burst in December.

She knows that it takes more than just time to heal from such immense grief. It takes work. In February of 2018, Rachael became certified as a grief coach through the "From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program." She is bringing the tools she gained back to her home state of Pennsylvania, in memory of both her parents. She plans to continue hosting events like this in the future, and ultimately hopes to expand it into her full-time career.