Shailesh Kumar

Shailesh Kumar is an Indian yogi who has been teaching meditation and spiritually healing people for more than 17 years. In him one finds a modern guru who has uniquely integrated the two practices of Reiki and Raja Yoga. Shailesh was initiated into the Reiki lineage of Sensei Mikao Usui and the Kriya Yoga lineage of Mahavatar Babaji by his guru, the late Shri Vijay Bansal. He channels information directly from Divine to help seekers break through and heal their physical, mental, and aura bodies. As founder of the Divine Heart Center, an organization dedicated to the philosophy and practice of holistic healing and self-realization, Shailesh has introduced thousands of seekers to Reiki Raja Yoga both in India and here in America.

Shailesh is also a technology leader who uniquely applies his corporate experience to his spiritual teachings. It is no wonder that many busy professionals approach Shailesh for his guidance on how to solve complex problems of work-life balance and finding fulfillment in the digitally busy world.

In his Reiki Raja Yoga seminars and workshops, Shailesh reveals highly potent techniques using best of breed healing modalities. He combines aura and chakra healing, seed sounds or Bija mantras, pranayama (breathing exercises), and mindfulness. His techniques are organized such that they can fit into any lifestyle—from a committed ascetic practitioner to an active and busy Western lifestyle.

Through the self-healing techniques of Reiki Raja Yoga, Shailesh teaches how to dissolve karma and divert any difficulty that may be about to manifest on the physical plane. His healing modalities have the power to create vibrations inside the human body of a divine energy which transforms the practitioner.

Shailesh discusses thought-provoking concepts throughout his sessions, applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary Western world in an accessible and practical way. He encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness of both to each other, to the world, and to the universe.

Most importantly, initiates have reported life-changing experiences just by being in his mere presence. Shailesh's regular practice has blessed him with an aura that can be felt from a distance, and even non-believers in mindfulness and spirituality find comfort in his presence and develop faith.