Shalini Breault

Shalini Saxena Breault is the creator of Swan Goddess LLC and co-creator of Sacred Moon Fertility.

Shalini is also a co-author of the best-selling books 365 Days of Angel Prayers, 111 Morning Meditations, and Women Who Influence.

Additionally, Shalini is a yin yoga teacher, chair yoga teacher, Reiki master and teacher, raindrop therapy and hypnofertility practitioner, and retreat co-leader.

Shalini was featured on in an online TV show called "Open Mind with Barb Angelo."
She is passionate about and advocates sound healing through modalities such as crystal singing bowl meditation sessions, gong therapy sessions, drum meditation sessions, and Vedic mantra chanting classes. She also creates divinely inspired mantra malas, bling apparel, and workshops and classes. Please visit Shalini’s Etsy store: MantraMalasbyShalini.