Sheilagh Falcigno

Sheilagh Falcigno (Guest Teacher) is a yoga teacher and longtime practitioner of yoga. What began as an eating-disordered quest for thinness in her early twenties blossomed into a path of healing. Learning to connect her breath to her movements began a profound process of reconnection to her body. By quieting her mind she could finally release the grip of anxiety and depression that had held her since childhood. After nearly twenty-five years of witnessing the power of the breath to heal physical and emotional wounds she decided to transition to teaching yoga. Her focus has always been on those who may shy away from traditional classes. This led her to study trauma-informed yoga with Anneke Lucas of Liberation Prison Yoga, Jenn Turner of The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Center, Dr. Dan Libby of Veteran’s Yoga Project, and James Fox of Prison Yoga Project. Additionally, she holds certifications in Yoga 4 Cancer, Gentle, Chair, and Adaptive Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, and Children’s Yoga. Sheilagh seeks to provide a safe, supportive, open space for people to meet themselves with love and compassion, exactly where they are.