Victoria Whitfield

Sensei Victoria Whitfield was born "different" by most standards—naturally intuitive, mixed race, highly sensitive "old soul", seeing auras, communicating with spirits and animals, having healing hands, etc. She’s always had an interest in things metaphysical, namely as a way for understanding and managing her own spiritual gifts.

Her life changed when she experienced firsthand how being “too open” can be scary, and over the last 10 years she has committed to studying various forms of meditation, spiritual philosophy, and energy healing modalities such as shamanism, vortex therapy, reiki, and feng shui, so that she can now use her gifts as powerful tools, rather than feeling overwhelmed by them. At first it was her own personal deep healing journey that spurred her on to becoming a perpetual student of personal and spiritual development, and along the way she would share what worked for her with friends, family, and even her own mentors. The turning point was when Victoria’s mentors started asking her for healing, advice, and support, and with their encouragement in 2011 she began to share her passion professionally part-time, and then eventually transitioned to full time in December of 2013.

Over the years, Victoria has been blessed to watch the community of healing she envisioned grow from just a few brave hearts to hundreds of soulful spirits from around the world. Currently, Victoria is humbled to be an internationally recognized holistic stress management expert, actively touring the globe sharing visionary energetic healing experiences and training with spiritual seekers from all walks of life. This includes working with heart-centered organizations like tech giant AT&T Global and with mission-driven SME local business teams. All in all, she has a special place in her heart supporting passionate, sensitive, up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Follow her work at for the latest updates, lessons, and love.