Zoe Archer

Zoe is a mindbody medicine enthusiast, master Reiki practitioner, RN, BSN (Purdue University), and yoga guide. She is currently Director of the MindBody Program at Yoga House and Wellness Center, Barrington, NJ. She has practiced Reiki energy healing for over 20 years and holistic massage therapy in the distant past. She is a certified Strala Yoga Guide through her studies with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor, NYC (2015). In addition, Zoe is certified in Yoga for Trauma Recovery through the Transformation Yoga Project as well as Five Element Yoga with Jennifer Reis.

Mentors and strong influences include: Jennifer Reis (Five Element Yoga), Abraham Hicks (Art of Manifestation), kundalini and tantra yoga, and A Course in Miracles. While she is a teacher, she remains forever a student of nature, movement, and human connection.