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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

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Yogi Living® is the Himalayan Institute’s signature program on yoga practice, wisdom, and lifestyle. This intensive retreat, offered in 10-day and convenient 3-day formats and reminiscent of our beloved Self-Transformation Program, encapsulates the heart and soul of the Himalayan Tradition. During Yogi Living®, develop the tools essential to physical and mental wellbeing, and join a global community of modern seekers aspiring to live vibrant and joyful lives.


Program Overview

Program Features

Program Features

Yogi Living offers an education in yoga practice, lifestyle & wellness, and wisdom through lectures and corresponding workshops. The intentional focus on integrating theoretical and experiential knowledge provides a clear and comprehensive foundation for the journey of self-transformation. Lecture and practicum sessions combine with free time and group activities to create a balanced and integrative experience in and beyond the classroom.

Highlights of this program include:

  • In-depth lecture & practicum sessions each day on key Yogi Living concepts and practice skills
  • Guided workshops on yoga practice and lifestyle skills, designed to incorporate into your daily routine
  • Daily yoga class specifically tailored to reinforce Yogi Living lecture and practicum sessions
  • Group meditation every morning and evening
  • Group experiential activities*, including:
    • Karma yoga group service project
    • Guided nature hikes
    • Kirtan night
    • Bonfire at Sunset Pond
  • Daily meals and social opportunities with our Himalayan Institute faculty and community
  • Free time for reading, journaling, outdoor exploration on our 400-acre campus, and rest & relaxation
  • Optional session to learn the Prayers of the Himalayan Tradition*
  • Daily afternoon chai with your Yogi Living group
  • Small-group size (maximum of 30 participants), ensuring a rich, personalized experience for each student

*10-Day Program Only

Sample Schedule (10-day) Sample Schedule (3-day) 

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Transform Your Life.

Experience the greatest gift of yoga through Yogi Living and discover a profound sense of purpose in yourself and in the world.

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Yogi Living® Curriculum

Whether you’re just starting on the path of yoga or have a consistent yoga practice, Yogi Living has something for you. Designed for the modern yogi, the Yogi Living curriculum takes a systematic, holistic approach to self-transformation, and features content organized in three pillars—yoga practice; yoga lifestyle & wellness; and yoga wisdom.

Discover. Experience. Transform.

Navigate the essential teachings of the Himalayan Tradition, and unfold your human potential to its fullest through yoga practice and lifestyle.

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Program Faculty

Our experienced Yogi Living faculty bring over 50 years of combined experience embodying the depth and breadth of the Himalayan Tradition. Their passion for teaching is rivaled only by their adamant dedication to personal practice. Learn more about them below.

- Himalayan Institute
Ishan Tigunait

Practicing and sharing Yogi Living is my passion. Yogi Living represents the culmination of years of preparation and emerged in response to an outpouring of excitement amongst the Institute’s membership for a signature program that shares the time-tested, experiential wisdom of the Himalayan Tradition. Yogi Living is a program of experiential transformation. On behalf of the Himalayan Institute, I’d like to personally invite all of you to join me on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, fulfillment, and inner growth. Watch Ishan’s videos | Read Ishan’s full bio

luke ketterhagen headshot - Himalayan Institute
Luke Ketterhagen

My personal experiences at the Himalayan Institute have touched me so deeply that I want to share them with everyone! In the workshops, intensives, or trainings you have taken with me, I hope you gained the sense that we all have immense untapped potential. When we follow a system that is proven and cultivate a personal philosophy that matches our inherent desire to expand in all ways, this potential and capacity is maximized and begins to manifest. Yogi Living will inspire you to embody the principles of yoga and adopt them into your life. Watch Luke’s videos | Read Luke’s full bio

Judy - Himalayan Institute
Judy Moulton

As the director of the Himalayan Institute’s teacher certification programs, and having experienced the immense transformative power of yoga directly, I rely on my own personal practice of yoga and ayurveda to support my daily life, and I am dedicated to helping others to do the same. My style of teaching combines breath-connected movement, classical asanas, breath training, and systematic relaxation to access a state of deep inner awareness as preparation for meditative practice. I’m ecstatic to explore all of these aspects and more during Yogi Living. Watch Judy’s videos | Read Judy’s full bio

Greg - Himalayan Institute
Greg Capitolo

Greg Capitolo is a certified E-RYT 500 yoga teacher who has studied, practiced, and trained with the Himalayan Institute since 1995. Greg’s teaching combines precise alignment-based instruction with breath-centered movement, pranayama, systematic relaxation and meditation, leading students of all levels to experience the transformative power of yoga. Greg has been in residence at the Himalayan Institute since 2006, studying yoga in all its aspects under the guidance of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Rolf Sovik, Sandra Anderson and Shari Friedrichsen. Greg currently serves as the Institute’s Director of Mission Programming and Corporate Treasurer. Read Greg’s full bio

Ransom - Himalayan Institute
Ransom Hare

Ransom has been actively involved in the Himalayan Institute’s Humanitarian and Excursion activities in India, Mexico, and Cameroon for over seven years. Since 2012, he has been part of the Excursion team leading groups to Allahabad, Khajuraho, and various sacred sites in the Himalayas including Dharamshala, Manali, Har Ki Doon, Gangotri and Tungnath, in India and to Cameroon, West Africa. He has a passion for exploring sacred spaces and learning how they can be a catalyst for deep transformation.
Read Ransom’s full bio

Yogi Living®

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Community Living

The supportive, residential-style community of the Retreat Center offers the ideal environment for this 10-day immersion—perfect for establishing new skills and integrating those skills into your daily routine.

Roxi Testimonial

The Himalayan Institute is like a family. You will feel welcomed and encouraged to learn more about yourself through the practice of yoga.

Roxi from Frisco, TX
Emma Testimonial

There is always a place for anyone who is willing to start their journey down the path of personal reflection and growth.

Emma from Cedarburg, WI
Tim Testimonial

You cannot hide from yourself here. All of my stuff has been surfacing on a regular basis, but I have never felt more safe to feel it and let it go.

Tim from Souderton, PA
Lisa Testimonial

The Himalayan Institute is a vehicle for self-transformation. The spiritual fire here inspires practice, offers hope, and reminds us of our innate joy—sometimes all at the same time!

Lisa from Rochester, NY
Leigh Testimonial

The time I spent at the Himalayan Institute has absolutely changed my life—I have made such incredible, long-lasting friendships. The Institute will forever be my home away from home.

Leigh from Philadelphia, PA
Leigh Testimonial

While each of us has a unique path, our ultimate goal is the same. There is comfort and support being among like-minded seekers.

Bill from Chicago, IL
Guest Amenities

Treat yourself to a massage, meditate in our peaceful Sri Vidya Shrine, or relax in one of the many attractive community spaces available on campus.

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Campus & Grounds

The Himalayan Institute’s picturesque 400-acre campus offers breathtaking views, scenic trails, and peaceful spaces for reflection and contemplation.

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