Vishoka Meditation®

Self-Mastery Series

Designed especially for students who’ve completed the Vishoka Meditation Course, this 4-month 3-part immersion will illuminate and enrich the breadth of your life–from your yoga practice and personal wellness to your lifestyle and worldview.

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Course Details:

  • 4 Months / 3 Parts
  • March 3, 2023–July 6, 2023
  • 45 Hours (CEUs available)
  • $799
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The practice of Vishoka Meditation reveals a living experience which can illuminate and enrich the breadth of our life—from our yoga practice and personal wellness, to our lifestyle and worldview. Unlocking this potential requires that we study and practice the broader system of Vishoka Meditation, integrating a range of related practices and source wisdom.

The Vishoka Meditation Level 1 Self-Mastery Series is practice-driven, and designed specifically for students who have already completed the Vishoka Meditation Course, to help you take the next step on your journey of Vishoka Meditation.

This 3-part series is spread across 4 months, and is a combination of intensive immersion over a short period of time and progressive study and practice, so you can assimilate these teachings into your life and practice.

3-Part Series

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Part 1

The Self-Revealing Power of Pranic Absorption

Explore pranic sensitivity, pranic awareness, and pranic collection through several classical pranayamas and asana/pranayama fusion practices in this in-depth practice and study of prana.

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Part 2

Vairagya, and Svadhyaya: Unlocking the Power of Self-Reflection

Unlock the power of self-reflection and understand how Vishoka Meditation empowers purposeful engagement with the world and an enlightened worldview.

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Part 3

40-day Self-Transformation Practice

Fully assimilate the practices and wisdom from Part 1 and Part 2 through systematic, time-bound practice, and prepare yourself for Vishoka Meditation Level 2.

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