Awakening Agni


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Awakening Agni

A weekend retreat designed to help reawaken your passion for life with practices that support and sustain inner radiance.


Feeling dull, detached, or unmotivated?

Are you experiencing low energy or lack enthusiasm? Do you have weak digestion, poor focus, or increased anxiety? According to ayurveda, when our “inner fire” is low we feel dull, lethargic, detached and unmotivated. In balance, this inner fire–called agni–fuels digestion, supports immunity, drives creativity, and gives us vitality.

Reclaim Your Inner Joy

Build your energy, clarity, and power.

Restore Your Balance

Revitalize Your Energy

This weekend retreat is designed to help clear away stagnation and congestion, and restore access to vital energy as you recharge your body and mind.

Nourish Your Body

Awaken Your Enthusiasm

Negativity and stress create stagnation in body and mind, dampening our enthusiasm. Reawaken your passion for life with practices that support and sustain inner radiance.

Optimize Your Health

Restore Your Clarity

When agni is strong we feel vibrant, engaged, energized, and purposeful. Enjoy practicums on ayurvedic and yogic techniques designed to stoke your inner fire.

awakening agni this program includes - Himalayan Institute

Relaxation Awaits

This Program Includes:

  • 60-Minute Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage
  • Lectures on supportive Ayurvedic practices
  • Practicums on revitalizing energy with Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Routines for stress management and energy maintenance
  • Three Vegetarian Meals Daily
  • 400 Acres of Wooded Hiking Trails and Vistas
  • Meditation in the Sri Vidya Shrine


This is the best health and wellness class I’ve ever taken. It was all valuable. The agni sara practice that we were taught has been particularly helpful. The massage was amazing!!! I had been carrying tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. The massage released much of this!!! This was just a wonderful health and wellness weekend.
Great overview of Agni and its holistic part of life – the fire to digest life (food, ideas, and emotions). This understanding fuels the motivation to incorporate the new practices knowing how they affect the whole.
I loved this program and was grateful to slow down and release the tension that comes with the urban lifestyle. The presenters affirmed the value of following my instincts regarding my current self-care practices and gave me much more of a context for it.

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Upcoming Awakening Agni Programs

Jun 28
Carrie - Himalayan Institute
June 28—30, 2024

Awakening Agni

Aug 16
Carrie - Himalayan Institute
August 16—18, 2024

Awakening Agni

Nov 1
Carrie - Himalayan Institute
November 1—3, 2024

Awakening Agni

Vibrant Health Awaits

Meet Your Wellness Guide

The Awakening Agni retreat is managed by Dr. Carrie Demers, and supported by HI Faculty. Dr. Demers, a board-certified physician in both internal medicine and integrative medicine, blends modern medicine with traditional, holistic approaches to health. Dr. Carrie and the HI Faculty will provide tools and support as you learn to clear stagnation, access your vital energy, and recharge your body and mind during this inspiring weekend retreat.

Carrie - Himalayan Institute

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