Building Resilience


    3 Days / 2 Nights

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Building Resilience

A relaxing weekday wellness retreat to help you unwind, feel refreshed, and learn practices to build resilience to stress.


Are you stressed out?

For many of us, stress and anxiety is at an all-time high these days. While we can’t eliminate stress from our lives, we can enhance our capacity to prepare for, recover from, and adapt to stress, adversity, or challenge.

Reclaim Your Inner Joy

Build and Support your Physical Wellbeing

Restore Your Balance

Manage Your Stress

During this informative retreat, you’ll learn to better understand the physiology of stress, and learn skills to better manage your response to stressful situations.

Nourish Your Body

Improve Your Resilience

Assess your current level of resilience using modern biofeedback techniques and learn specific practices to build resilience to stress.

Optimize Your Health

Optimize Your Wellbeing

This retreat will support you in restoring optimal health and wellbeing as you relax, unwind, and leave feeling refreshed.

building resilience this program includes - Himalayan Institute

Relaxation Awaits

This Program Includes:

  • 60-Minute Relaxing, Therapeutic Massage
  • 60-Minute Biofeedback & Stress Management Assessment
  • 90-Minute Building Resilience Self-care Practicum
  • Three Vegetarian Meals Daily
  • 400 Acres of Wooded Hiking Trails and Vistas
  • Meditation in the Sri Vidya Shrine


I came to the retreat suffering from severe grief and stress. The teachings and practices I learned, plus the surroundings and treatments, helped IMMENSELY to manage the stress. [I] remember what it felt like to feel free and light and to feel a sense of spaciousness that I haven’t experienced in a long time.
This weekday retreat was a gift of stopping and solitude. The Building Resilience program is for anyone on a pathway of awareness. It had just enough structure and information as fuel, and ample free time for rest, contemplation, and healing.
I learned how to practice diaphragmatic breathing to increase health, how to use biofeedback to manage the autonomic nervous system, and I learned about paradoxical breathing and connection to startle response.

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Upcoming Building Resilience Programs

Oct 23
himalayan institute 2021sr david goddard headshot inside 2 510 x - Himalayan Institute
October 23—25, 2024

Building Resilience

Nov 20
himalayan institute 2021sr david goddard headshot inside 2 510 x - Himalayan Institute
November 20—22, 2024

Building Resilience

Vibrant Health Awaits

Meet Your Wellness Guide

David Goddard, LAPC, NCC, C-IAYT, AYS, has been a student of the Himalayan Tradition for 20 years, and was a resident at the Himalayan Institute’s Headquarters in Honesdale for 15 years. As a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and biofeedback therapist, David brings his passion for cognitive science into the realm of integrative wellness, sharing the tools and techniques to bring about mental and emotional resilience. His work as a biofeedback therapist covers a broad range of health needs, specializing in stress reduction and emotional wellness through the time-tested techniques of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda.

himalayan institute 2021sr david goddard headshot inside 2 510 x - Himalayan Institute

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