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Guided Meditation Using a Personal Mantra


A personal mantra—a mantra uniquely attuned to our individual nature and needs, received from a qualified teacher—unlocks a rich, lifelong meditation practice. But how do we make best use of this mantra, and where does it fit into our practice? For students who already have a personal mantra, Bill Ryan guides a complete meditation session, beginning with a relaxation and culminating in a focus on the mantra. Find a comfortable seat and allow pure consciousness to reveal itself.

Format: .mp3 audio file with download
Length: 10 min

About the Teacher

Bill Ryan, PhD

Bill Ryan earned a PhD in exercise physiology from the University of Wisconsin and holds degrees in nursing and public health (epidemiology). In addition to being licensed as a registered nurse, Bill is certified as a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine and is a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. He brings 30 years of teaching experience in higher education in exercise science, public health, and nursing, and over 40 years of meditation practice to his current position on the staff of the PureRejuv Wellness Center, where he provides biofeedback services.

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