Year Long Meditation

A global group practice, undertaken to heal and empower collective consciousness.

July 16, 2019–July 16, 2020

Closing Ceremony

Meditation to Change the World

Year Long Meditation brought thousands of meditators together from around the world in an unprecedented effort to reshape the course of destiny.

This global community joined the practice from their homes, yoga studios, and the Sri Vidya Shrine at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania to achieve a common goal–making a lasting, positive impact on themselves and society.

 The Vision Behind Year Long Meditation
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Global Community Stats

Together we joined in a global group practice to heal and empower collective consciousness. Thank you for your participation.


Collective Hours of Meditation


Community Members




Meditation Sessions

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Vishoka Meditation

Join the Practice, Change the World

Deepen your practice, and continue your journey of self-discovery by joining Vishoka Meditation.

Sharing time-tested techniques and essential wisdom distilled over thousands of years, Vishoka Meditation is a gift to the modern world from a living tradition. Whether you’re just beginning a meditation practice, or have been a dedicated student for years—no matter what tradition or background you come from—Vishoka Meditation is perfect for all who seek to experience their full potential.

Vishoka Meditation