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Join the practice today with free tools and learning resources to enhance your meditation.

Your Practice Starts Here

Year Long Meditation starts with your personal meditation practice. YLM At Home is our flagship, free portal that allows you to develop and maintain your daily meditation practice and stay connected to the worldwide community of meditators.

Year Long Meditation Tracker

Meditation Tracker

Set your meditation goals and log your practice time on any device.

Year Long Meditation Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Guided audio meditations, mantra recitations, and hand-picked reading materials from the Himalayan Institute.

Year Long Meditation Community

Worldwide Community

Stay connected to the global Year Long Meditation community with our tracking tools.

YLM At Home Meditation Tracker

Meditation Tracker

Our free tracking tool makes it easy for you to set your meditation targets and stick to them.

  • Simple account setup
  • Meditate from anywhere in the world
  • Log your time toward the collective goal of 1,000,008 hours
  • View your progress over time—on any device, from anywhere on the planet

Global Community Stats

Together we joined in a global group practice to heal and empower collective consciousness. Thank you for your participation.


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Meditation Sessions

Free Resources

Expand your knowledge with these guided audio meditations, mantra recitations, and hand-picked reading materials from the Himalayan Institute.

YLM At Home Practice Guide
Your guide to meditating in the Himalayan Tradition style.
PDF Audio
Gayatri Mantra
Connect to your inner self with the timeless Gayatri mantra.
PDF Audio
Maha Mritunjaya Mantra
Heal yourself, heal the world with the Maha Mritunjaya mantra.
Meditation Using the So'Ham Mantra
This guided practice uses the universal mantra so'ham.
Guided Meditation Using a Personal Mantra
This guided practice can be used with any personal mantra.
PDF Audio
Prayers of the Tradition
Learn the Himalayan Institute's morning and evening prayers.

More Ways to Participate

Looking to deepen your experience of Year Long Meditation? Find inspiration and guidance with Study Online—or immerse yourself in the potency of group practice with a capstone YLM In Person event.

Study Online
Study OnlinePremium Multimedia Content

Study Online

Premium Multimedia Content

  • Guided audio meditations
  • Yoga classes and workshops
  • Lectures, satsangs, and book clubs
  • Exclusive articles from renowned faculty
  • Full Wisdom Library access
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In Person
In PersonRetreats & Intensives

In Person

Retreats & Intensives

  • Practice-oriented YLM Retreats
  • Educationally vigorous YLM Intensives
  • Meditation in the Sri Vidya Shrine
  • A community of like-minded seekers
  • Lush, comfortable surroundings
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