As students and even teachers we tend to think of alignment in yoga postures as an external characteristic of the asana practice—we obsess over the outer shape or even muscular engagement in poses—but the underlying causes of misalignment are often energetic in nature. When we learn to follow the movement of energy in the body, we can start to locate and address the internal factors affecting the outward expression of the pose.

In this fun and interactive livestream workshop, Shari Friedrichsen will share insights gained from decades of teaching yoga to students of all levels, ages, and abilities, as well as leading teacher training programs at the Himalayan Institute and around the world. Beginning with simple awareness in several common postures, learn to trace the source of tension or disrupted breathing. Invoking a sense of compassion, guide the breath to specific troubled areas to smooth out energy patterns. Invite the vibration of prana to allow greater strength, ease, and flexibility to emerge throughout the limbs and torso. Whether you are currently a yoga teacher or looking to improve your personal practice, you will gain practical knowledge to breathe new life into the pose and allow alignment to blossom from within.

Find a partner to practice and sharpen your teaching skills, or engage in self-study as you move through the poses yourself. Tune in for this special hands-on program, and begin to view alignment from the inside out.

Source: Livestream recorded live at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA on December 16, 2018.

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