The esoteric focus of hatha yoga is the cultivation and redirecting of prana (subtle life energy). The bandhas (energetic locks) are one of hatha yoga’s most essential tools for accessing prana, revitalizing the body, and empowering the mind. The advanced practices of pranayama and meditation arise from the effortless and subtle application of the bandhas. In this 6-part series, access the three major bandhas: mula bandha (root lock), uddiyana bandha (abdominal lock), and jalandhara bandha (chin lock) in carefully selected asanas, and then experience the more subtle application of the bandhas as related to a seated meditation posture.

Mula Bandha: The Root Lock

Uddiyana Bandha: The Abdominal Lock

Jalandhara Bandha: The Chin Lock

The Bandhas in Asana

Establishing Your Seat

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