Is a strong, healthy pelvis the key to spiritual unfoldment? In this workshop with Shari Friedrichsen, learn the spiritual significance of the pelvis and how its two opposing forces can transform both the physical body and the pranic subtle body for lasting freedom and healing. Recent scientific studies are now emerging to reveal that incontinence and instability in the pelvis are not necessary components of aging—they are byproducts of unhealthy aging that affect both women and men. Common asana practices like mula bandha, ashwini mudra, and the master practice, agni sara, are the key to a healthy pelvic floor. Discover how these practices unfold awareness of our subtle body and help us establish a solid foundation for a strong, steady meditation seat. Don’t wait for physical and emotional incontinence to set in. Work with the pelvic floor for greater health, vitality, and clarity of mind, and to find a life full of creativity and divine beauty.

Anatomy of the Pelvis

Pelvic Floor Practicum

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