Attachment and Non-Attachment


Even those of us living a full life in the world can attain the goal of yoga if we learn to practice non-attachment. But what does non-attachment mean in actual practice? How does someone free from attachment view their possessions, their actions, their relationships, and their self-identity? Most important, learn how meditation, selfless action, and welcoming life’s obstacles can help us release painful attachments and move toward freedom, love, and joy—the essence of non-attachment.

3-Part Series

Transcending Karma Through Non-Attachment

What do we need to withstand the trials of life and find freedom? The 16th-century sage Tulsidasa noted four points to examine when we face obstacles: religion, friendship, patience, and courage. When an obstacle seems...

Renunciation vs. Non-Attachment

There are two paths to achieve liberation from the bondage of karma. They are renunciation and non-attachment. On the first path we say, “I don’t want any pleasure which is not practical in helping me...

What Is Non-Attachment?

We all want to understand the meaning of life. Eating, sleeping, and performing other natural functions, without an understanding of the purpose of life, makes an animal of man. To be a human being, one...