Connecting with Collective Consciousness


In common parlance, “collective consciousness” refers to a set of beliefs and attitudes that a group of people share. In the Himalayan Tradition, however, it stands for the pure awareness and intention that manifests and pervades the entire cosmos. From it flows an unending stream of healing and power. How can we connect to this source of all sources?

In this series of talks, Ishan Tigunait tackles this very question, drawing from the profound philosophy of Yoga and Sankhya. Tune in to learn how to awaken to the radiant intelligence and potential within and all around us.

6-Part Series

Sacred Space: A Connection Point

It’s easy to see why churches, mosques, and temples are considered holy, but why are the banks of the Ganges and the city of Varanasi also considered hallowed ground? Ishan Tigunait explores the foremost quality...

Sacred Space and the Spiritual Journey

Why do pilgrims cross rivers and mountains to reach holy places? What does a spiritual seeker gain from spending time in a sacred space? Find out how such spaces support our journey toward lasting fulfillment...

Healing Power of Collective Consciousness

How can we heal, both as an individual and as a society? In this talk, Ishan Tigunait points us toward collective consciousness and the primordial force of compassion that flows from it. Learn how connecting...

Buddhi: Our Connection to Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness is the radiant field of creative intelligence that underlies the cosmos. How can we nurture and strengthen our relationship with this source of inner light? In this talk, Ishan Tigunait explores buddhi—our capacity...