Paradise of a Yogi


Heaven and hell are mysteries to us, but not to accomplished yogis. What is heaven, what is hell, and how can we create heaven for ourselves? In this series drawn from the Katha Upanishad, Nachiketa, a sincere seeker, queries the great master Yamaraja, the lord of Death, about the nature of heaven and hell. “Does heaven really exist?” asks Nachiketa. “How do we reach there?” Join Pandit Tigunait as he reveals the simple truth about heaven and hell as taught to Nachiketa. And learn how we can create an indestructible paradise for ourselves through the choices we make and the kind of mind we cultivate.

4-Part Series

The Journey Beyond Death

The unconscious mind is the storehouse of the subtle impressions of all of our past deeds. It is the treasury of our convictions and beliefs. Normally, the memories pertaining to the recent past disappear, giving...