Sun, Moon, and Fire: Philosophy of Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga is an expansive and transformative practice that seeks to bring balance and harmony to the core of our being. In this series, Sandra Anderson describes not only the key components of hatha yoga, but also their subtle effects in uniting the opposing energies in the body and attenuating the roaming tendencies of the mind. By working with asana, pranayama, bandhas (energetic locks), and shat kriyas (cleansing actions), we can awaken our most powerful creative forces and connect to the beauty that lies within.

6-Part Series

What Is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is commonly defined as a style of asana class, but this limited understanding fails to capture hatha’s comprehensive and transformational nature. A timeless practice with ancient roots, this system of using the body...

Kundalini: The Path to Transcendence

Through the practices of hatha yoga, we can tap into the extraordinary force of creativity and potential energy that lies within. Creating an inward-flowing mind whose roaming tendencies are completely attenuated is the intention behind...

Asana: The Secret Life of the Body

Though asana is perhaps the most widely known of the hatha yoga practices today, its benefits go much deeper than increased strength and flexibility or the ability to perform advanced poses. On a subtle level,...

Pranayama: The Breath of Life

Is it possible to change how we deal with our circumstances by gaining greater awareness of and control over the breath? Pranayama is the most powerful of all of the hatha yoga practices, Sandra Anderson...

Bandhas: The Awakening of Prana

The bandhas (locks) connect the work of the body in hatha yoga practice to the energy flow happening on a more subtle level. In this video, Sandra Anderson describes the three foundational maha bandhas and...

Shat Kriyas: The Cleansing Practices

The shat kriyas (six actions) are perhaps the least widely adopted in today’s hatha yoga, but these purifying practices offer wide-ranging health benefits confirmed by modern science. By bringing balance to the pranic body, these...