The Inner Teacher


At the end of yoga practice, it is common to bow and honor the teacher within us. As we walk on the spiritual path, our desire to know and develop a relationship with this inner teacher grows. We ask ourselves again and again—who is the inner teacher?

In this six-part series, Ishan Tigunait explains how a systematic approach helps us begin to access and experience the inner teacher—the innate, infinite wisdom within each of us. Follow along to learn the steps you can take to methodically move toward this goal and find out how this unique reality can anchor our self-identity in the light of the inner world.

6-Part Series

Who Is the Inner Teacher?

The path of yoga allows us to discover ourselves from the inside out. In this talk, Ishan Tigunait introduces the concept of the inner teacher and explains how this unique inner reality can transform the...

Ishvara as the Inner Teacher

The experience of being fully embraced by the inner teacher—from all directions and in every respect—is so unique and profound that it can’t be fully described in words. In yoga, the name attributed to this...

Discovering Our Inner Teacher Through Grace

In the previous segments of this series, we explored how we discover the inner teacher through abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (non-attachment). Here, Ishan Tigunait shares how the self-effort we cultivate through practice and non-attachment allows...