Shaktipata—the bestowing of spiritual energy—is the divine spark that lights our way toward enlightenment. The mysteries of shaktipata are endlessly fascinating. But shaktipata is very often misunderstood, leading to disappointment and disillusionment.

In part 2 of this Wisdom Classic from 1991, remastered and available exclusively on our Wisdom Library, Pandit Tigunait beautifully and clearly answers a modern seeker’s questions about shaktipata:

How is shaktipata given from teacher to student? How can we as seekers prepare ourselves to receive this gift of divine grace and guidance? Is there such a thing as false or harmful shaktipata? Is mass shaktipata possible? How can we tell when we’ve found a true master?

Watch Shaktipata: Transmitting Spiritual Energy (Part 2), and discover how understanding the inner workings of shaktipata—especially the roles of both master and shishya (disciple)—can accelerate and deepen our spiritual quest.

Source: Tradition & Techniques of the Himalayan Masters (Honesdale, 1991)

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