“Life means relationship,” Swami Rama reminds us. It’s true: none of us live in isolation. The key is to truly understand others—and ourselves—so we can be happy and fulfilled in spiritual as well as day-to-day life. In this 5-part series excerpted from the previously unreleased lectures Yoga & Family Life (1985) and Path of Fire & Light (1988), Swamiji gives practical, sage advice on how to live in relationship skillfully and gracefully. Learn how to train your ego, embody selfless love and compassion, practice forgiveness and non-possessiveness, and treat family life as an act of worship. Be inspired by timeless wisdom. Watch this Wisdom Classic, and see how you can apply The Keys to Relationship to your own life!

To Give Is to Live

Forgiveness & Acceptance

Family Life as Worship

Selfless Love

Source: Yoga & Family Life lectures (Honesdale, 1985) and Path of Fire & Light lectures (Honesdale, 1988)

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