In this four-part series, Kathryn Templeton introduces the intriguing Tridosha Theory of Ayurveda in a clear, accessible way. Tridosha refers to the three doshas, which are a combination of the pure elements becoming manifest in the physical world: kapha [earth + water], pitta [fire + water], and vata [air + ether]. These three doshas are a reflection of prakriti (primordial nature).

Learn how these three doshas work together in each of us to manifest our basic nature, determine our physical constitution, and define our dharma in this life. Using examples in nature to illustrate how the doshas can be seen in both the outer world and in our own body, Kathryn’s lively talks offer simple ways of understanding this complex science. Find out how we can use the qualities of the different doshas to our benefit during their peak times, dominant season, and the differing stages of life to enhance our health, our meditation, and our creativity.